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Vassa Metal Roofing is a Canadian owned-and-operated roofing firm respected for our commitment to quality workmanship in all of our roofing products and services. For more than 25 years, our company has always insisted on using the best materials. Which is why we are proud offer our high-quality stone-coated metal roofing tiles all across Canada, for Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Halifax, Kitchener, Barrie, and many other nearby communities. Dissatisfied with the declining quality of roofing products available from manufacturers, our company decided to bring the benefit of our expertise to designing our own high-quality, stone-coated metal roofing tiles that can meet the unique roofing demands in Edmonton, Alberta and the increasingly competitive Canadian market. The end result is a complete line of Canadian metal roofing products that combine the beauty, style, and elegance of high-quality tiles with the amazing longevity and affordability of lightweight stone-coated metal roofing. Our durable roofing tiles have a lightweight body that makes them easy to shape and cut to fit any style or size of roof. The metal roofing products available from our company include:

Woodshake Tiles

Woodshake TilesEasy installation

Our woodshake tiles join the full line of stone-coated metal roofing tiles that our Vassa roofing tiles experts created in order to meet the demands of the increasingly competitive Canadian market.

Bond Tiles

Bond TilesDurable & attractive

With their distinctive look, easy installation, and versatility, bond tiles are among the most popular of the metal roofing products offered by Vassa Metal Roofing.

Classic Tiles

Classic TilesOld-world elegance

Our Vassa roofing tile experts can securely install our classic tiles to any residential roof using high-grade state of the art secure locking fasteners.

Shingle Tiles

Shingles TilesModern technology

Our shingles tiles are a durable stone-coated metal roofing tile scientifically engineered to last for 50 years or more and guaranteed for that time by product warranty.

Vassa Metal Roofing credits our success in the Canadian roofing industry to our commitment to excellence in all of our roofing products and services and the more than 1,500 roofs that we have installed for satisfied homeowners in Edmonton, Alberta and the rest of Canada. Our company's metal roofing tiles represent a significant breakthrough in metal roofing technology, which has made ours the vanguard of advanced roofing products fueled by their growing popularity around the world. For amazing economy with low cost-per-year-yields, impressive durability, long-lifespan, strong fire / water/ wind / hail / storm / impact / salt resistance, and much more, our tiles offer numerous other benefits over conventional roofing products. Metal roofing products will consistently outperform traditional roofing materials like shingles, fibreglass, asphalt or wood over time. Our sellers in Edmonton of metal roofing tiles offer a competitive 50-year warranty that is non-prorated, fully transferable, and backed by a leading insurance company. Contact us today to discover why many Canadians across Edmonton, Toronto, Vancouver, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Mississauga, Winnipeg, Halifax, Kitchener, and Barrie depend on Vassa Metal Roofing, above all else!

What Customers say

Tony and his crew did an excellent job. The roof gives my home a new fresh look. It is next to another home with a metal roof and mine looks amazing in comparison. Everyone in the neighborhood has commented on how attractive it is. The crew was professional and finished on time. I am very pleased.

Eleanor Niagara Falls, Ontario

Interesting facts about Edmonton, Alberta:

  • Edmonton is the major economic centre for northern and central Alberta and a major centre for the oil and gas industry.
  • For 15 years, the multifaceted West Edmonton Mall was the largest mall in the world.
  • The cities of Calgary, Spruce Grove and Wetaskiwin are all within close proximity to Edmonton.

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